Physical Address:
55004 RGE RD 251
Sturgeon County, AB 

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 3209,
Morinville, AB  T8R 1S1

Phone:  (780) 939-3328
Toll-free:  1-844-897-6501
Fax:  (780) 939-3319


What's New at CIA

Here is where we would like to keep you up-to-date on any changes and improvements we've made recently.  Read on!


Early in December, we moved to the Morinville Business Park, immediately opposite Target’s plant. This gives us a better yard layout, and ample office space (we don’t have to sit on each others’ knees to have a meeting). We have done some interior renovations, with more planned when time permits. Meantime, if you are in the area, stop by and meet us, if you can stand a little mess.


Like most, we have found it difficult to attract and retain reliable staff. We are always on the lookout for young guys, who “get” the idea of starting work on time  each morning, five days a week. Maybe if you know of a good one, please ask them to send us a resume.


Wow! Effective immediately we are already looking for even more work for our new blower and trailer setup, to install your Weathershield brand cellulose attic insulation.  Did somebody say this sucker can blow? Call 780-939-3328 for an insulation estimate.

We still have trials to do on the Wall-Bar wall insulation, so stand by for further news!

We are concentrating on cellulose initially because of a steady increase in its popularity with customers (not to mention by staff-happy to  not  be using fiberglass).  Product characteristics can be found at:

We are also thinking about using this equipment with Weathershield Wallbar as an insulating material for walls, which would be a big change for us.  Material cost is slightly higher, but there appear to be practical benefits. Again, details can be found at:


As you may have noticed, we have, over the last year, switched to installation by our own crew.  The intention here is to  control the scheduling.  Ideally this should reduce the number of customers with an otherwise finished building, who are still waiting for overheads.

It may also be time to mention the adjustment of limit switches for those of you with electric openers.  If you have your electrician hook up the opener, then you pour a concrete floor or threshold, please ensure the limit switch is adjusted for the new floor level.  If not, your door may either fail to close completely, or attempt to bury itself in the floor, neither of which is particularly helpful, and can be pretty dangerous.